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"Satanic Manic"

Satanic Manic
out of print

Second release to Out of the Oven which was recorded on April 19th, 2003. Recorded on a stomach full of alcohol and a mind full of marijuana at the kitchen using only a simple eight channel mixer hooked up to a tape deck. Surprisingly, the quality is perfect for the two bands since it goes so well with their tasteful protest of the typical bible pusher. Limited to 30 copies.

Track Listing:
Jesus Crotch:
01. Feliz Navidad
02. The Heroin Song
03. I Killed Christ (And I'll Do It Again)
04. Free Style
Frisbee Occult Death Pattern:
05. I Raped The Virgin Mary
06. Jesus Is A Superstar
07. Jesus Is A Cool Cat
08. Madness, Madness!
09. Ronald McDonald Meets Mr. Grimace
10. Andi Morel I Hope You Die A Horrible Death From the STD You Acquired From Anal Sex
11. Why Was Satan Cast From Heaven...
He Didn't Do Anything Wrong