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"the feeling only comparable to the bottle we just finished"

the feeling only comparable
to the bottle we just finished
tour edition packaging

First release to Out of the Oven in support of The Freaky Jesus Bird Tour during the months of March and April of 2003. It was recorded during the month of March by Grand Master Carl W. Bleke purposely trying to capture the rawness of punk-RAWk by only using two channels to obtain its unique sound.

Track Listing:
01. Untitled
02. Auto-Cannibalism
03. Nice Robot Doctor Neptune
04. Your Looks Won't Save You Here...but Mine Will
Love Songs for No One:
05. Eyes Above the Water
06. With Dedications to the 'Pardoner's Tale'

Note: Due to the high demand of this split, we will be re-releasing it as soon as we run out of the limited supply we have left.